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It was wonderful to be back in Bethesda and D.C. this week! Both readings sold out. Thanks for the hometown support! It was really unbelievable to see so many people there. People who taught me in elementary school came!

If you were at the D.C. reading and were unable to purchase a book and would like your copy signed, please get in touch with me. I’m going to look into getting bookplates, which are somewhat fancy stickers that I sign and give to you to put in a book when you get one.

Ann Arbor

Here’s a picture from Ann Arbor, snapped by the cellphone of my friend M:

Ann Arbor

I know it’s very small, but if I blow it up, it will be all fuzzy. Humor me. She tells me it is the Love Marriage sign in the window of Borders in Ann Arbor. I believe that this is the flagship Borders store—the original of the chain. I remember when Borders first came to Maryland! It should be interesting to see where it started. Ann Arbor May 28th.


Found this via the blog of my former professor, Jim Hynes.

Simply: hurray. Jim kept up with the controversy pretty well on his blog, so if you want to see the twists and turns it took, I advise reading him. Actually, I advise reading him generally. He writes about topics dear to me, including the moral complexity of nationhood/violence/ terrorism (The Wild Colonial Boy) and the machinations of academia (Publish and Perish; The Lecturer’s Tale). We also have virtually identical taste in films and television, so I enjoy his cultural criticism. Quite often he recommends something that I enjoy enormously.