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‘It Was Full of Darkness’

Today is the third anniversary of the Asian tsunami that took hundreds of thousands of lives, including many in Sri Lanka. In remembrance of its victims, here is a link to a story by Seth Mydans of the International Herald Tribune). Part of the story is about young tsunami survivors using disposable cameras to photograph their lives now. The piece ends with a particularly poignant quote by one young Sri Lankan recalling the disaster’s aftermath. If only those responsible for managing tsunami aid were as clear and straightforward as this child!

“Our village was not as beautiful as it was before, and it was full of darkness,” he said.

*Correction: An earlier version of this post indicated that while the story ran in the IHT, Mydans worked for The New York Times. The two newspapers are affiliated and run each other’s content, but Mydans is on the staff of the IHT.

Blogging Through Singapore and Malaysia

I’m about to become a guest blogger on one of my favorite online reads—Sepia Mutiny! I’m excited to get back to reporting and traveling, and thrilled to be working with a great photojournalist. We depart Friday and will be gone for a couple of weeks. I’ll also make sure to add links to our Mutiny posts on this site.

Back to packing! If you’re in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, and have tips, please let me know.

‘We Are Not Free’

I’m behind with this post, but under the theory that it’s never too late to blog about good work, I’m going to write about my friend Kiran Khalid‘s documentary about Pakistan. I saw the premiere of ‘We Are Not Free’ at the Open Society Institute at the beginning of the month, and thought that Kiran had done great, brave work. Freedom of speech is very important to me, and has become more important to me as I’ve studied Sri Lanka. As I don’t know as much as I should about Pakistan, it was fascinating to realize the parallels… Continue reading