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SAJA TalkRadio

I chatted with Sree Sreenivasan, one of the founders of SAJA, for SAJA Radio this morning. We talked about my plans as SAJA VP, my forthcoming novel, my journalism career and its connection to my literary life, and how the media covers Sri Lanka. Listen here. You can also listen to chats with the new secretary, Anusha Srivastava, or the new president, Sandeep Junnarkar.

Readings of Many Kinds

Early in November, I did a reading at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop as part of the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective and its annual literary festival, which this year was called Electric Ladyland. It was a ton of fun—the first time I’ve read from the novel here in New York. T-minus four months to publication! Thanks to Preston Merchant for the photo. Ashok Vyas of iTV was also kind enough to send me a DVD of his program on literature, “Shabd Star,” which broadcast interviews and segments of the festival. I’ll be on the lookout to see if it gets re-aired.

Electric Ladyland

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