‘We Are Not Free’

I’m behind with this post, but under the theory that it’s never too late to blog about good work, I’m going to write about my friend Kiran Khalid‘s documentary about Pakistan. I saw the premiere of ‘We Are Not Free’ at the Open Society Institute at the beginning of the month, and thought that Kiran had done great, brave work. Freedom of speech is very important to me, and has become more important to me as I’ve studied Sri Lanka. As I don’t know as much as I should about Pakistan, it was fascinating to realize the parallels…

The movie is short but powerful, and will be showing in other venues around New York, I’m sure. Check it out if you can—the interviews Kiran got with Pakistani journalists are amazing. There’s one young woman whose words are so fearless, despite her surroundings, that her face is still with me, weeks later. These journalists had their newsrooms and personal property destroyed, and have done everything they can to keep reporting anyway.

Scroll down this page to watch a clip. (There’s also audio and video from the panel discussion.)